In this generation, relationships are all the buzz. We talk about it with our friends, whether we have a significant other or not, we see photos and posts all over social media, but we’ve kind of lost touch. Let’s be real, when someone you’re interested in texts you, you tell your friend ASAP and ask how to reply without being ‘too interested’ or seeming ‘too needy’.

‘He hasn’t texted me back in three minutes, is he annoyed at me? Maybe when he replies I’ll wait double the time so I don’t seem too interested.’

Or maybe you even screenshot the entire conversation and send it to your friends to see if they think the other person is interested.

We’ve all been there and done that, but let’s be real, we’ve kind of lost touch as a generation of being really open. It’s almost as though everyone has to be too chill when they like someone. Why do we feel the need to send our friends messages? Why do we feel the need to look for subtle clues that they like us?


But let me ask you this, what’s wrong with being needy? Maybe needy is the wrong word so let me rephrase this, what is wrong with letting someone know you’re interested? Why not just tell them that you want to hang out with them, who cares if you’ve already seen them 5 times this week. The whole point is that you like this person, so clearly you like hanging out with them. We need to relieve ourselves of the stigma that being ‘needy’ or ‘too interested’ is a bad thing, everyone wants to be loved. And if the person you’re interested in doesn’t reciprocate that feeling, then go find someone who will. You don’t need to stick around someone who will tell you that you’re being too available, like what sorry? No need for that kind of negativity.

Let’s just be real with everyone, if you think that their soul shines a light brighter than the sun then tell them, if you think that they’re kind of dull and you don’t see them the way they see you then let them know. No one likes being left unanswered, so stop over thinking everything and just go for it. Don’t question it, don’t send it to your friends, your love life is your love life for a reason. No one needs to be involved.

So what I’m really trying to say is, send that double text, heck even triple text, and if you’re not getting the attention you need then I’m positive there is someone out there that will appreciate your mind and soul for what it is worth.

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