A little while ago, on a Wednesday to be exact, I was driving from my little home to go to my dancing class. On the way there I had my aux plugged into my phone playing bangers which is always a great time, and decided I would stop off at maccas and get a cappuccino with a little bit of caramel sauce mixed in. Clearly I was too busy thinking about my delightful coffee that I was going to get and as I was parking I scraped my car alongside someone else’s car. I thought ‘wow this has to be the worst day ever’ as I pulled out and parked somewhere else. Calling my sister, (Good old Kate Ritchie) on how to deal with this predicament, she said, ‘Leave them a note with your name and number and apologise’. So I did exactly that after grabbing my coffee (coffee always comes first). After finishing my dance class, I went back to my car and realised my phone was dead so I’d have to listen to the radio on the way home.

Still upset about damaging my car and someone else’s car I honestly thought I had had the worst day ever and how was I going to explain this to my Mum when I got home, when triple J supplied me with the loveliest song ever. I turned up the radio and forgot about my problems as I listened to Unwind by Gretta Ray. If you ever need a little pick me up, chuck this one a listen. Not everything is as bad as it seems and the funky tune with Gretta’s amazing vocals can put anyone in a good mood.

(And here is a picture of me with sparkly dinosaur socks and my cat, Asher, because if anything else can put me in a good mood its sparkly dinosaur socks and my cat.)


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