Today I was just hanging out at home by myself (as usual), when I received a text message.

A friend: Hey Chloe, I kinda got a weird question to ask you if that’s okay?

I was intrigued, what was classified as a weird question?

Me: yeah of course, what’s up?

A friend: how do you distract yourself from over thinking?


Now this is something I know I struggle with. It mainly hits at night, when I’m trying to go to sleep and I turn off my lights and look up at the glow in the dark stickers of stars on my roof and my brain goes into over drive. Why did you say that when you were with your friends? Why did you do that thing 6 years ago? How about we replay the event 7 times just so you can remember what you did and never forget it and can’t get to sleep?

All of these things rush through my brain at a million miles per hour, surely I’m not the only one right? But I have found some ways to cope with it and to stop the over thinking.


  1. I enjoy numbers, they make sense and they come in a specific order so you can’t muck it up. Whenever I shut my eyes I count every breath I take. Breathe in, one, breathe out, two, and so on. Sometimes it happens when I’m out as well, like at work and I start to over think if the people I work with like me or why did I say something embarrassing? So I count things I can see. Counting is good.
  2. Acknowledge what you feel. Yes I do remember what I did 6 years ago and I wish it never happened so I couldn’t torture myself with the over thinking, but its okay. Everything happens for a reason and it’s okay. Can I sleep now?
  3. Writing down what you feel and why you feel it, kind of like acknowledging it. Or just write anything. I know I keep a journal, and I like to write in it when I feel lost or can’t contain my thoughts so I write them all down.


Now I know this post was kind of a deeper one, but maybe if these things help me and you’re struggling with over thinking then it could help someone else as well. Talking about your feelings with someone else is also a big thing, its good to talk about things and acknowledge your feelings. Don’t keep it bottled up, it’s not going to help anything.


Author – Chloe Ritchie

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