The Brisbane based rapper Gill Bates released his new EP ‘Less stress, more success’ earlier this year and I’m glad the title is self explanatory so I don’t have to go in to detail and break it down for you. Just kidding, but if anything this EP has left me feeling less stressful, makes me feel better about siting down at the end of the day and enjoying a nice glass of sav blanc and having DIDN’T MIND playing for the 80th time today.

The EP features 6 songs, two of which were released earlier this year; one featuring the Melbourne based rapper, Allday.

I remember going to an Allday concert back in 2015 where Gill Bates was the support act, and it was then that I knew he was going to be a hit one day.  After many hours of stalking the internet for his facebook (joking its 2016 it took me 2 minutes), I had one 30 second clip of the banger DIDN’T MIND to listen to until he finally released the full song earlier this year.


As you can probably tell so far – DIDN’T MIND is by far my favourite from the EP. It’s the kind of song that actually makes me want to get up in the morning and dance in the kitchen. It’s not just the catchy hook, or the tune behind the master piece, it’s the whole generalization of breaking through the reality. Why would I say I didn’t mind, if I really did mind? Food for thought.

TIME INTERLUDE caught my attention; it really brought through the EP name, ‘Less Stress, More Success’. The 38 second clip, with a soft melody playing behind a voiceover of radio host Matt Okine introducing Gill Bates as a “new guy out of Brissy”, before Gill goes into his hook, “just give it time”. Less stress; don’t stress about anything, just give it time = more success. Once again, it was pretty self explanatory but it felt cool to type out.

IDK has a very alien vibe to it I found, the catchy electronic tune behind the funky lyrics that take you to another planet, mars maybe?

The EP as a whole brought a whole range of emotions. The catchy tunes flowed effortlessly with the lyrics, leaving a sense of happiness as a listener because I didn’t have to endure an EP that sucked.

If I had to rate this EP on a level of ‘how often would I dance in the kitchen to this’ I would have to give it a rating of every morning whilst I was still in my pyjamas and hair in a messy bun because it gives me motivation to start my day on a bright note and don’t let nobody fuck with me (less stress, more success?).


Author – Chloe Ritchie

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