Do you ever associate people in your life with extremely specific memories? I am so infatuated with this concept. When you lock eyes with them & you think back to that one day, hour or moment spent with them.

I fucking love that.

I had an extremely close friend once. He was the male alter to me. We were bound tight, sealed our special friendship with occasional nights together, because why not? Anyway, I associate this boy every time we cross paths now, with this one beautiful image of us.

I remember just kicking back with him so easy, massive sesh in occurrence, just the two of us, got way too baked with this kid. We jammed together outside for hours and hours, smoking and smoking. We used to have nights like these on the regular, but this one was heavy.

I remember stumbling my way to the bathroom about 1am, doing that cheery, fuckeyed stoner smile at my reflection in the mirror. As I was enjoying my daze, I saw him slowly emerge from behind me, smiling so peacefully and had this desperate lust for me gleaming in his red squinted eyes.

He came and wrapped himself around me, and we both stared at ourselves in the mirror at how completely fucked-on another planet-level we were at that moment with each other. We got frisky. Beautifully frisky though, appreciating every freckle and hair on each other’s body that we touched. We were a beautiful bathroom mess of whispery giggles, deep breaths, knotted hair, red eyes and a desire for each other through this amazing channel of energy.

Just 2 people, in the highest state we could have been, breathing each other in so desperately, so hungry for one another. I fucking love that hungry feeling right?


And I smile to myself every time I see him mow, my stomach actually twists with hunger & I feel myself heat up to the memory of us lost in each other’s energies, so connected.

I am so thankful for being able to feel like this. What absolute magic. We should all take time here and then to reflect on how powerful memories can be, how strongly they affect us. Good or bad, they completely contribute in forming who we are as individuals. How we love, how we hate, how we learn or adapt to feel towards one another.

I love connection. I thrive off of intertwining energies with others and acceptance of emotion. It is so enriching to the roots of the soul to think and feel so deeply. How magical right.

Stay real with eachother.


Author – Emily Lowe

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