Growing up my sister always said to me, ‘Chloe listen to triple J okay they have cool music’ and I was like ‘yeah okay whatever’, but little did I know she was right. One day I was driving to work, had the radio on because my aux cord wasn’t installed yet (lame), and I thought I’d switch over to triple J because no one else was playing music (double lame). It was the best decision I’ve ever made; they were playing Adore by Amy Shark. The soft tune and emotional lyrics made me feel something super nice. Like everything was going to be okay. I recently saw her play live supporting Cub Sport with my friend Eli and she played this song and afterwards Eli turned to me and said, ‘I forgot how nice it was to like to someone and feel that way about someone.’ The song Adore gives you that feeling. Like when you like someone so much, you adore them. It is a very lovely feeling and Amy portrays that in the loveliest way through this song.

Anyway, here is the link and one thing I learnt from this is always listen to your sister because she’s probably right.

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