3 months ago I sat patiently at my computer awaiting the sale of tickets to see Safia, who I had previously seen at splendour in the grass 2015 and can recall that as one of the happiest moments in my life. Clicking 2 tickets to the 18+ show at a secret venue in Brisbane, I was already excited.

Fast forward, it was finally the day. Friday the 13th, I finished uni and got home and headed straight to the bathroom to get ready for what I hoped would be the best night of my life; cup of vodka in one hand and a makeup brush in the other. My friend Brady had come over with a bottle of vodka and some OJ and we continued to get as drunk as we could before leaving the house. We had asked our friend to drive us to the train station, playing some random Pandora playlist and stopping off at maccas to get some ‘petty money’ for all of her hard work.


Sitting on the train I was buzzing, not sure if it was the alcohol or my excitement to see the band I had been patiently waiting for. After many pictures and chatting about how excited we were, we were finally at the train station in fortitude valley. Making our way through people, we finally reached our destination the co-ordinates posted onto Safia’s Facebook page; -27.456801, 153.035070 aka the Brightside.

Arriving at the door at 8pm sharp, Brady and I were super eager to begin our night, meet interesting people and dance. Getting up our iphones, the lady at the door scans our e-tickets (saving the environment right?) and tells us to have a great night. Taking in our surroundings; what seems to be a smoking area to the right and an alley of a bunch of tables full of people that lead to the outside carpark where the stage is set up. We walk through the tables, passing the bar and outside to the stage. On stage is a DJ who is playing some music that was not made for my ears. It was incomprehensible and awful, no wonder there was a group of 8 people sitting down at the front of the stage.

Brady and I shrug at eachother and decide the bar was the best place to be at the moment. Making our way to the front of the bar, there are two drinks that stand out to us. The ‘embracing me’ bucket, and the ‘listen to souls’ wine bucket (which was later renamed the bucket of death due to the amount of goon in it). From what we could only assume, they were buckets of alcohol and if that wasn’t appealing enough, we were sold. We started off with an embracing me bucket, looked like fairy floss and tasted like coconut. Making our way to the smoking section with our alcohol buckets named after Safia’s songs, we hung out for a bit whilst making trips to and from the bar. Engaging in conversation and making friends, the time finally ticked over to 10pm when we were told Safia would be starting.


Making our way to the front of the stage, I was captivated by the set up. There were three screens set up, backdrops for projections. The crowd was awfully silent as the backdrops lit up like a christmas tree and I felt like a child waiting to open christmas presents. Safia made their way on stage and the crowd went crazy as they opened with, “How are you Brisbane!” before going into their hit song Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds. Their presence was the best present. Brady and I danced along as the screens changed to backgrounds of waves, clouds, and rain rolling in to fit their songs. They played hits such as Make Them Wheels Roll, Listen to souls, Listen to Blues, Counting Sheep, You are the One, Take me over, and Embracing Me. Along with all of their well known music, they played banger after banger of new tunes which will be released “very shortly”, the band announced.

As the night was drawing to a close, I couldn’t get enough of their amazing vocals and stage presence which drew in the whole crowd. Trying to stay off my phone to enjoy what was right in front of me, I couldn’t help but take a sneaky snap story to make my friends aware of the amazing time I was having. The crowd was going crazy, it was nice to be with everyone enjoying the set as much as I was. Safia closed their set, and I still cannot wait for them to release a new album so they can tour Australia again.

Along with the amazing time I had, there are a few lessons I took away from the Safia concert:

  • Even though goon is named really cool, it’s never a good time.
  • It’s nice to be nice
  • Save your snap stories
  • And unlike goon, Safia is always a good time.


Author – Chloe Ritchie

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