Now this is when the magic happened

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Just the other day, I was sitting out the back of my little home with Brady. We were sipping on elderflower cordial as the sun shone bright whilst we sat in the shade. Together we took turns playing songs over the little speaker sitting upon the white wooden table we had placed ourselves at.


It was as one would describe a perfect afternoon, settled with the perfect playlist. However, one song had stuck with me the whole afternoon. It was Brady’s turn to play a song, and he had chosen perfectly. He pressed play on Matt Corbys ‘Runaway’, the live version from his resolution tour.


It reminded me of when I saw him play at falls festival. He has the most amazing stage presence that captivated the whole crowd. His voice filling the amphitheatre and sending shivers down my spine as he spoke and sung. During this time, I was with Ruby and our new found friends Carly and Madi. We had made a pact to stay together, however Matt Corby’s set clashed with another set. Sitting on the hill, we had decided to stay for one more song before heading off.


Now this is when the magic happened. It all happened so quickly but in slow motion. The start of Resolution began to play, and I looked to my left and Madi was hugging Ruby and I had noticed she was crying. The only thing she wanted from Falls was to hear this song live. Looking around me, everyone had begun to stand up and sway along to the song, singing along with Matt Corby. Happiness had taken over everyone and the energy was overwhelming. I had goose bumps all over my body, hanging on to every word he was singing. I stepped over to Ruby, and together along with everyone else we began to sway holding hands.


This was one of the happiest and calm moments of my life. I cannot describe the feelings I was having, but I’m sure everyone else in the amphitheatre felt it too.


It really was a ‘wow’ moment. If any of you ever get the chance to see Matt Corby live, take it by the hands and hug whoever is giving you this opportunity because I can guarantee it will be the best decision of  your life.



Author – Chloe Ritchie