It’s going to be such a good year

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On January 1st, 2017, I was frolicking through falls festival with one of my best gal pals Ruby by my side. We had just spent the last two nights consuming way too much vodka for our little bodies to handle and making so many friends. The two of us, drunk off our little yogurt packets which we had filled with vodka, were walking together arm in arm to the Captain Morgan tent to waste our drink tickets on a $10 vodka lime and soda that was probably 100% watered down.

However on our journey, Ruby and I got all caught up in a bunch of emotions and we just had to sit down on the grass near the Captain Morgan tent and cry for a little bit. We sat there, drunkenly expressing our emotions about the new year and how grateful we are but how shitty last year was. During our conversation, these two lovely people came over and said, ‘I think a group hug is in order’.

We all sat together on the grass hugging when the lady turned around and started singing to Ruby and I. She had the most magical voice that I could have listened to for days.

Due to my inebriation I do not quite recall every word that she said to us, however it went something like this;

‘Last year was a 9th year in the universal calendar, and this year is a 1st year. This year is all about creativity and positivity and new beginnings and dreaming and believing. So sing to all of your friends and cry all of the tears you need to and leave them behind in 2016 because this year is going to be such a good year.’

I have told this story to so many of my friends who I felt like needed to hear it, so I figured I may as well put it up here for everyone else to read.

It’s such a magical thing, and every new year always bring such an amazing vibe with it, especially this one. There are so many things to look forward to this year. New beginnings, new stories to tell, new memories to make. Don’t get too caught up in the little things in life and just live this year as well as you can.

Here are a few little things to remember;

  • It’s really nice to be nice to people. We are all human and we make mistakes but being nice is one of the loveliest traits you can have as a human. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice, but being mean involves hurting the soul of another human, so keep that in mind.
  • It’s a new year so you can leave all of the shitty things of last year in the past and move on with your life. Focus on the things you want to achieve and all the good you can do within this year. You’ve got this.
  • Love everybody.
  • Tell people how much they mean to you.
  • Compliment everyone! And I don’t just mean on their appearance. Compliment their personality, tell them they make you feel lovely about yourself, tell them they give off a great vibe, tell them they’re doing a good job.
  • Be nice to yourself. Your soul will not send off lovely and radiant vibes if you put yourself down. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, and move on with your life. We are all human and we’re doing the best job we can. Nobody is perfect, stop putting so much pressure on yourself.


Author – Chloe Ritchie