You’ve got this

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It’s the end of 2016. Relax, take a big inhale. Now exhale slowly. It’s ok. This has been a big year for everyone, we’ve had to face some of the biggest adversities the human race has ever seen. We experienced it all together, the heart ache, the pain, the loss, the hate and the anguish. But we faced it together.
In all fairness it’s been a pretty shitty year, if not for you personally than at least admit it’s been shitty on the whole. It felt like blow after blow of awful news, every time you opened Facebook a new story about a death or an attack. It was heart breaking. It was humiliating. But what defines us isn’t these events, it’s how we choose to bounce back from them. It’s how we choose to spread love everyday, maybe not on a global scale but a little more locally, maybe smiling at a stranger or telling that shop assistant to have a really lovely day.
Ok ok, I’ll admit, I’m not a self help guru or a vegan, or an activist, jeez I’m even quite the bitch when I want to be. But the point is that I TRY. I try really hard to be kind and gracious and loving because Jesus fucking Christ isn’t this world full of enough shit already? So, shake off your shoulders, do a lil stretch and now inhale really slowly, on this inhale I want you to take in all that awful painful shit that happened to you this year, all terrible things you read about. Let it all in, and let it stay, but only until you exhale. Now on this exhale let it all out. Out of your body and out of your mind. That asshole guy, that rude ‘friend’, those annoying customers, Donald Trump. Let it alllll gooooo. Now keep it out. Do some spirit fingers and shake your body out. Ok. Now, you’re all ready for 2017. Whatever it throws at us, whatever we endure, we’re not alone. If we can all feel pain and heartbreak together than we are all equally capable of feeling love and acceptance together.
 And I’m not here to say some trivial bull like ‘kick 2017 in the butt!’ Cause that’s hard, life’s hard. It’s hard for everyone. But what I can say is just try and make your days enjoyable for yourself, because how can you show anyone else love if you aren’t feeling it for yourself? A very good piece of advice I once read in a book my brother gave me, was if something is bothering you or eating you up inside, like you’re boss yelled at you or you had a fight with a lover, maybe you’re cat ran away, you must repeat the words (and yes ok I know it may feel like it) “I’m not going to die from this” because you aren’t. You really truly aren’t going to die if you’re man isn’t texting back. So, going into 2017 feel a bit daunting? Whatever happens, you’re not going to die from this. Believe me. You’ve got this.
Author – Ruby Bentley