Trust the Timing of Your Life

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Time – is your heart rate elevated yet?

One too many times, I’ve felt panic coursing through my body as a result of time. I play hockey, and sitting at my computer now I can say that there’s 75 minutes in a game, which is plenty of time to turn a game situation around, to score a goal, to save one; yet, when on the field, time defeats me. Air escapes, muscles tense, brain moves a million miles an hour. In a less intense way, time affected my everyday life, too.

My mind was constantly filled with the backlog of typical questions asked by us all – when will I find my soulmate? Will I ever get the time to travel the world? What if I never save enough money to buy a home? Though, my mind always cranked into overdrive, and overthinking was my worst burden, leaving me paranoid about any aspect of time that was to cross my mind.

However, tonight I find myself on my front veranda reflecting on the couple of hours I just spent (third wheeling) two of my close pals. They’ve been together since June, and they’re what I (ashamedly, and feeling like a 12ie) admit are my #couplegoals. They met in high school and became very close friends for a very long time. They then decided to become official and for some reason, it just didn’t work out. Time passed, life happened, they grew, and then after learning about themselves through triumphs and troubles, found each other again 3 years later. They’ve been my vote for Power Couple of 2016 since. I’ve never seen such a functional, respectful and admirable couple in my whole existence. Life timed their pairing reaaaal good.

Time is funny like that; even if at a point in your life where you really emphasise that you need something, life doesn’t hand it to you until it thinks it’s the perfect timing. If you want something so badly, all life asks is for your patience and a little bit of faith; everything else comes in good time.

Trusting the timing of my life has been seriously hard to get a grip of, but it wasn’t until this year that I realised investing your trust in something so borderline make-believe could be so rewarding. My forever job came from throwing my what ifs into the world and hoping for the best. I spent most of this year in a job I really knew was not for me, and went through multiple rejections from other possible careers that lead me to a dead end, filled with frustrations and the reoccurring question of “why aren’t I good enough?” It wasn’t until I accepted what was to come, regardless of whether I knew the outcome or not, that this vacancy popped up. Speaking of how crazy timing is, my Mum and I both sent each other the exact same job ad at the exact same time. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it! That’s how I knew I was in with a good chance – timing was on my side.

Now I work in a career that fills my heart with happiness and satisfaction, and have a much better time accepting what is to come than I ever have before. Give it a go. Throw your what ifs into the world, be patient and learn to invest your trust in time.
(Kaysei G)
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