Through Opportunities, We Learn & We Grow

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I’m going to say it: I’m not a risk taker. I was one of those kids who swore to never have a drop of alcohol in their life and I liked to stay at home where it’s safe. However, after a few birthdays and an unhealthy relationship with vodka, I realized that maybe staying at home isn’t the best idea. But many of you wouldn’t say going out to a party is risky, nor hitting the valley three times a week.

No, when I say I’m not a risk taker, I mean I don’t take an opportunity when it hits me in the face. Whether it’s telling someone you like them or going to a special event that could forward your career. When these opportunities come along, I tend to be apprehensive. And that’s not okay.

After turning 21 recently, I’ve realized that, well; I haven’t really done anything with my life. And I was about to list examples of some hypothetical “amazing memories” but I still can’t even fathom what they could be like. I’ve always had the tendency to second-guess opportunities because I was scared. Scared of what? Failure? Disappointment? Conflict? Fuck it could be all of them or none.

But I’ve come to realize that to take risks is to take up an opportunity. And through opportunities come memories and experiences that can never be forgotten or taken away from you. Through opportunities, we learn and we grow.

So next time an opportunity comes along, just take it. It could be good or bad. It could make you scared and anxious. But just take it. Because it could be the best fucking thing you’ve ever done. And no one can take that away from you.


Author – Harry Lee