Its nice to be nice

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This one time, at a Safia concert in Brisbane, I was hanging out with my friend Brady and we made friends with these two girls. They were super kind and super chatty, a perfect combo, when one of them turned to me and said, ‘you know, it’s nice to be nice’. And I’ve been thinking about this conversation for so long.

We got chatting about how girls at bars will be ordering drinks, and a guy or a girl will come up to them and say hey or start a conversation and the girl will instantly be like ‘no thanks’. Okay maybe not in those words exactly, but immediately show their disinterest for the person talking to them. Like what? We said ‘hey’ not ‘wanna bang’????? Now I get that most of the guys who approach you at bars maybe 90% of the time want to get in your pants (made up statistics I have no proof sorry), but that isn’t always the case. If you’re going to be so closed off and rude to people because they say hey, how are you going to make friends? I know I’ve spoken to a lot of boys (and girls) when I’ve been out and not had any sexual interaction with them at all.

But anyway back to my conversation with the girl whose name I cannot remember for the life of me, we both agreed that everyone in our generation seems so unfriendly when it comes to talking to other people in a social environment. It’s so nice to be nice. All you have to do is say hey and talk about what interests you and bam, new friend. And even if the conversation turns sexual or he goes in for a kiss and you’re not into it because maybe they’ve been dancing and smells gross or you don’t think they have brushed their teeth in two days or because you have a significant other, then it’s very easy for you to turn around and say, ‘hey dude, not feeling it. Thanks though!’

It’s so nice to be nice, and I think that’s a lil something that everyone has to remember, especially in today’s society. There is so much hate in this world and we don’t have to contribute to it, so be nice to people and be nice to yourself and be a person that you’d want to hang out with.

Life is too good to be mean to other people.